Fashion designer

The fashion designer is a creator of clothing and accessories.

The Fashion anticipates the current mode and then draws models, taking into consideration the picture of the brand and the technical constraints of production.

It makes parts which are produced in chain, or in a sense that's unique to the haute couture.

The stylist designer can be part of a trend house or an office-style. Independent, it can direct his own business, or uses on the blow by blow. It goes travel a lot to keep abreast of trend on the planet and to meet its clients.

The company supplies chances limited and the competition is quite rough. It is not easy to make a name for himself in the world of fashion. The designer has the potential to create everything that passes through the head, be it strange or classic clothes, sportswear or haute couture.

How do fashion designer work ?

In view of the release of a range that is new, the stylist is preparing a set of sketches. It shows their colours, and the principal technical achievements planned. The pattern was sent by him for this particular advice, and tissue samples are selected. All generation procedures are followed by it

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